Pinners California August 26-27, 2022
Fairplex | Pomona, CA
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
Fairplex Social


Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in our main Hall 4 (south end) at Fairplex California. Friends will help guide you to the correct entrance door.

Come join all the VIP's, presenters, speakers, sponsors and cooperative bloggers at a fabulous VIP party the night before the show. Win prizes from the big VIPlinko, prize wheel, wiffle ball toss, guessing games, the ball throw and others. You'll get your VIP lanyard and shirt this night, plus lots of other swaggy goodness. There'll be introductions, treats, drinks, sponsor stations, photo booths and VIP sneak peeks. And look back on that teachers page. How fun to meet all of them as well!

Some of the swag will include:

* Pinners swag bag
* Pinner T-shirt (choose size at ticket purchase)
* Pinners custom umbrella
* Pinner macrame keychain

And cool stuff from many sponsoring companies. Here are some of them that contributed last year.

*Home Depot
*Lemon Poopy
*Close to My Heart
*Dunn Edwards Paint
*Life Expressions Decor
*Loddie Doddie
*Bee Baker Box
*She Shed Living
*Poppies Paint Powder
*Barefoot Books
*Ouch Pouch
*Layered by Cake
*Park Lane Jewelry
*The Sacred Ritual
*Fair Isle Yarn
*CG Creative Studios
*Artistic Paint Studio
*Aloha Baby Design
*and more cool friends. Stay tuned... :)

Friday & Saturday, August 26th and 27th at Fairplex California in Pomona, California.

* Okay. #1 benefit that most VIPers told us... getting to stand at the FRONT of Pre-registered & Stand-by lines at Pinners. Just walk-up, check-in and be the first to pick your seat. So handy.
* And it's not just the classes you have easy access to. With your VIP lanyard you get to go anywhere. VIP break rooms, classes, VIP bathroom... okay we don't have a VIP bathroom. But you will have a VIP bag check at the show where you can leave all of your cool stuff while you go do more. You get the idea. Please just let us know what you might need :) We'd be happy to help.
*You can be a early-in if you'd like (30 min. before everyone else to be exact). VIP door open at 9:30 a.m. Friday and 8:30 a.m. Saturday.
* Enjoy a full-2-day slate of classes and more.

Get your VIP tickets!