Pinners California March 19, 20, 2021
Fairplex | Pomona, CA
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
Fairplex Social


     We applaud efforts to keep people safe. But we had hoped that the decision on whether or not we could hold a safe fall event would have been given a little more time before a final decision was made by Mayor Garcetti and his health advisor Barbara Ferrer. But they decided to make that decision now. And we're not politicians so we obey.
     We had plans in place to spread out the show's distancing, temperature checks at the door and extreme sanitizing but were not given a chance to show off our plans. Hopefully we'll be able to do that in the spring in California.
     But we always want our friends - shops and visitors - to feel safe about working with us. And we always take care of our exhibitors. But once again, by March, you are going to love this weekend out. How sick do you think we are all going to be of "virtual" things by spring 2021? Haha:)
     As a visitor to Pinners, THANK YOU for supporting these small, usually women-owned businesses. In many cases this show will be their first chance for an entire year to make some money for their families and co-workers. So we appreciate your support and we hope to reward you with one of your funnest weekends in a long time!

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